what your valentines beauty gift really means

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps!

For married old farts like me, we don’t expect a V-Day gift because you know, “it’s too commercialised”.

But for all those in the early honeymoon stages of a relationship… You’ve just opened your V-Day gift from your special someone, and ta-da, it’s a beauty product.

Whether you love it or hate it, you want to know what it really means…

Well, wonder no more because I’ve done all the analysing for you.

He wants to associate you with this scent so every time he catches a whiff of it, it will trigger treasured moments.  However, I would be ever so slightly worried if he buys you the same perfume his mum wears…

Lipstick / Lip Balm / Lip Gloss
Clearly, he cannot stop thinking about your luscious lips and he wants you to wear this lippy while you have a makeout sesh tonight!

Bubble Bath
Isn’t it obvious?  Hot tub, hot tub!!!

Body Oil / Body Moisturiser
Sensual body massage anyone?

Foot Scrub / Foot Spa
Ummm…how do I put this delicately?  He has a foot fetish!

Hair Appliance / Hair Tool / Hair Brush
He’s subconsciously thinking about running his fingers through your luscious locks and wondering what your bed head looks like after a wild night in bed *winks*

Facial / Spa Treatment
He just wants to pamper you, duh.

Hand Cream / Nail Polish / Manicure
He’s interested in your hands!!!  Either he’s summoning the courage to hold your hand or he’s trying to gauge the size of your fingers and wondering what bling design would suit you so he can put a ring on it!!!!

So if you get “somewhat insulting” beauty gifts such as deodorant, nose hair trimmer, anti-fungal toe cream – DITCH HIM!!!  Unless you really really really needed those.  In that case, he’s trying to tell you something about your beauty hygiene/maintenance so get it sorted quick, girlfriend, otherwise he may end up ditching you!  😛

Anyway, whether you have a romantic date or not, enjoy your weekend!

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