On Thursday, I got semi-bored and while I was mindlessly surfing the internet, my mind wandered to my recent handbag post and it got me thinking about the What Ifs in my life.  As this is a beauty blog, I don’t talk much about myself here because I ramble a lot in my personal blog…but some of you may not know my story about how I came to Australia…

It seems weird because back in Scotland, it appeared that I had everything.   (I am such a bragger! *rolls my eyes*) I had my family and friends with an amazing social life.  I had a fantastic job in one of the most prestigious dental practices in Glasgow.  I had my yellow car.  I had my brand new apartment and it had the most gorgeous white leather couches.  I was a gym bunny and I had 3 wardrobes full of size 6-8 clothes that I could fit into!  Okay, I didn’t have a man (but I wasn’t short of offers) but I was actually really happy being young, single and free.  So what happened?

I gave everything up.

I came to Australia on a working holiday visa.  I knew nobody in Australia.  Nobody!  I had never been to Australia before.  Never!  Well, one fine day, I met my Melbournian husband-to-be on Manly Beach in Sydney (where he was there for a weekend getaway) and somehow, we got married after 180 days of meeting each other!  Crazy – yes!  And that is why I am now stuck in Melbourne in the ‘burbs with no job, no mo-honey, renting a unit and eating my way to a size 12!

What if I hadn’t quit my job and left Scotland behind and come to Australia???  I wondered what would  have happened…here is what floated into my mind…

what if

I would still be working away so I would, most likely, be spending money left, right and centre.

Since I previously chickened out of buying a Chanel handbag, I’d eventually psych myself up to buy one.  I would no longer wear el cheapo Primark jackets and upgrade to more expensive coats.  Of course, I would still be wearing the classic LBD, but I would definitely ditch my mouldy bras and wear Agent Provocateur.  I would learn how to pronounce Louboutins and own a pair.  I would think about Tiffany’s diamonds but wait for Mr Right to come along and gift me some bling.  As for make-up, nothing much would change – I would be a fan of Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, Lancome mascaras and lipsticks and so on.

All that stuff sounded so good…until I realised that if I hadn’t come to Australia, I wouldn’t have met Mr Right…and I also wouldn’t have started this beauty blog.  Noooo!!

At this point, I stopped wondering about the What Ifs and started playing with my lipstick collection and found a beautiful red lippie.

Moral of the story :  There isn’t a moral.  It’s like that movie Sliding Doors.  You watch the entire movie and then wish you could get back the precious 99 minutes you wasted watching it.  And then you’ll have the Aqua song “If Only I Could Turn Back Time” stuck in your head for the rest of your life!  Instead, you’ll read this post, scratch your head and wish you could get back those 5 precious minutes you took to read this…and then you will have that Aqua song playing in your head.

Share your “What If” story.  What if I hadn’t published this post?  What would you have been doing instead of reading this??

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  1. Meg I will let you know how that concept goes and looks. Lol. Ling we need tips on panic situations. Everyday life saver ideas.

  2. Speaking of parties, we would love to learn some quick & easy party styles from you Ling…

  3. Haha thanks Sarah.. worse comes to worse you could go for the horror look & tell everyone you thought it was fancy dress

  4. Actually Sarah’s make up drama makes me wonder, do you have any tips Ling for how to get make up stains out???

  5. My unit was sold so i moved back home to mums until i could find a place mum became very sick with stroke and a heart attack my what if is if i was not here to save her she would not be alive.

  6. I feel like this all the time!
    I think of all these “What Ifs” but if all these things didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be who I am today and that’s a scary thought! D:

  7. Oh I’ve definitely had my “what if” moments. The biggest “what if” for me would be if Tim and I haven’t gotten back in touch years ago, I’d still be in Malaysia, unhappily working as an engineer, earning good money but hating the job. I wouldn’t have the guts to quit and do something absolutely different because my family (the naysayers) would protest vehemently. I would probably still be stuck in the relationship that destroyed me slowly the two years before Tim came into the picture.
    I wouldn’t be here because I’ve told myself before that, of all the places i’d go, I will never move to Australia.
    Funny how things turned out, eh?

    • @Tine, I love your story. Probably biased because I knew you guys back in DCCF…but it’s a beautiful story which will be fantastic to tell your grandkids 🙂

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