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When I was in Hong Kong, I had my haircut at Hair Q in Tai Po Plaza (yep, the same place where Bubzbeauty gets her haircut.  No, I didn’t stalk her…Googling isn’t the same as stalking, right?).  My stylist Kay went all Edward Scissorhands on me but I loved the end result.  He thinned down my hair a lot so it’s so much quicker to blowdry these days.  With less thick and unmanageable hair, I started having fun testing out different hair styling products and here’s a couple of Fudge products that rock my locks – Fudge Salt Spray and Fudge Dry Shampoo.

Fudge Salt Spray

Fudge hair product, hair product reviews
Like my duckface? 😛

Product DescriptionFudge Salt Spray is ideal for the raw texture look. Gives extra body and texture to dull hair and protects from UV damage. Contains hard setting polymers to give a crisp finish and anti-humidity ingredients to maximise flexibility and hold. It also has pro vitamin B which strengthens and conditions the hair. Mango and coconut fragrance.

How To Use It : Spray it on damp hair and scrunch away for beach hair upon drying.  Before I head out, I also like to have a light spritz to add more texture to my ends.

My Thoughts : A wonderful tropical coconut-ty smells fill the air when I use it…and it reminds me of tropical islands and beaches.  Which is good because even if I can’t physically be there, I want to recreate sexy tousled beach hair!  With Fudge Salt Spray, my hair doesn’t have that plasticky coating it can get with hairspray – but it has a different texturised feel to it and it holds well.  It brushes and washes out easily too.  The spray itself can get a bit fiddly so it’s either a non-ergonomic spray handle or it’s because I don’t have much experience with these kinda sprays.  Or both.

Fudge Dry Shampoo

Product DescriptionFudge Dry Shampoo is the ideal hair refreshing treatment to use between washes. It cleans the hair with Fudge’s unique spray on powder technology, while apricot oils leave the hair soft and smooth.

How To Use It : Don’t wash hair for a couple of days and when it starts getting greasy, lift up parts of hair to expose greasy roots and spray.  Wait for a couple of minutes and massage it in.

My Thoughts :  I am addicted to washing my hair every single day.  But I managed to leave it for 4 days unwashed by using Fudge Dry Shampoo.  That is a miracle!  Fudge Dry Shampoo didn’t manage to soak up all the grease but it was sufficient enough to stop my locks from looking too limp and lanky.  Best thing is that it didn’t make my scalp itchy.  However, my Husband wasn’t too keen on the smell of my unwashed hair mixed with Fudge Dry Shampoo.

I was sent these products for review but Fudge hair products are available to purchase in Priceline and plenty of hair salons.  I know that because I’ve always been a big fan of their Fudge Paintbox shades (in my red head days) and I bought Cherry Bomb in Priceline a few months ago.

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  1. I love the fudge salt spray but never tried the dry shampoo yet. Think i’ll order some when I stock up on my salt spray for holiday.

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