muk spa hair products and style stick

Oh hello there!  Let’s ignore the fact that I have been AWOL from the blog, but I was in major stress mode 😛  Anyway, allow me to introduce you to the new range of muk hair products  – muk Spa – that my hair has been roadtesting for the last few weeks…

muk Style Stick 230-IR

This hair straightener leaves my hair feeling soft, silky, shiny and smooth.  Major love!  It’s important to take small sections of hair as that eliminates having to straighten the same section over and over again.  It does get quite steamy when using this, but don’t mistake this as your hair burning.  It’s just releasing some static ions…or something.  Mark, one of the owners of muk did explain why, but I forgot.  Blame my champagne-fueled short attention span at the muk event 😛

muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

If your hair is dehydrated like mine, give this hair-enriching combination a whirl!  It is VERY rich so you actually don’t need to use a lot.  The first time I used it, I gave my hair a generous two hardcore pumps each and although it felt great, my Husband commented on my second day hair – “ummm…your hair is greasy!”  WTF right?  Anyway, I have now learnt that one gentle pump each is sufficient and to concentrate applying conditioner more to the lower two thirds of my hair than near the roots.  My colleague actually came up behind me last week to stroke my hair as she said it looked soft and shiny.  It was a bit of a creepy stalker-ish moment but I made a mental note to add this to my muk review 😉

muk Spa Argan Oil Treatment

I have a love affair with hair oils but ever since I started using the muk Spa shampoo and conditioner range which already contains Argan Oil, I have not had to use a lot of hair oil afterwards as I find my hair already nourished enough.  I predict that this bottle of oil will last me a LONG time.  I love the fact it comes in a pipette dispenser so I can control exactly how many drops I want to use.

muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Mask

Ms Lazybones here hasn’t actually tried this hair mask yet!  Sorry.  But that’s because I feel no need as my hair already feels lovely from using the other products in this range – hah!  Once I do test it out, I will update y’all.

muk Spa Argan Oil Shine Spray

This is great to use after using the Style Stick to give the hair extra shine.  Just a light spritz is enough otherwise it can be overkill and I’ll start getting “greasy” comments again from my Husband!

And that concludes my muk reviews for today.  I had the pleasure of attending a muk event a few weeks ago and these products were part of the handsome goody bag.  Thanks again muk!


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  1. a few months ago, my friend told me about muk hair products. She said that the products were great and she forced me to try the product. Well, it seems that I should try one.

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