domo bag, domo kun, cute handbag

Last week, I turned my back for 30 seconds and somehow, Baby Bunty had crawled halfway across the living room, over to my furry Domo bag and emptied out its contents!  Yep, it seems she has inherited my trait of being a nosey parker!

Anyway, this post is for all you curious cats out there who love having a sticky beak into people’s handbags.  Here’s what is currently in my Domo bag…

domo bag, domo kun, cute handbag, Fiji mini water

1.  Fiji Mini & Mobile Water* – Need my H2O to stay hydrated throughout the day

2.  Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick in 163M Dans Ses Bras* (review & swatch) – Lippies always find a way into my handbag as they are guaranteed to make me look more “human” when I feel like a zombie inside

3.  Colgate Total Dental Floss – Nothing more embarrassing than having spinach stuck between your teeth!  (how to floss)

4.  Hello Kitty rattle from Alimrose Designs – As much as I LOVE Hello Kitty, this is not my secret childhood toy that I have kept hidden away for years, haha.  This is Bunty’s toy.  We always need something baby-friendly to entertain her whenever we go out.

fiji mini water, curash baby wipes, iphone 5, hello kitty rattle, domo bag, domo kun, cute handbag

5.  Curash Baby Wipes – Yep, more baby stuff.  I carry wet wipes with me everywhere these days and these Curash ones are just lovely, thick and soft.

6.  Pigeon Breast Pads – Actually, there is something more embarrassing than spinach between teeth and that is wet patches around your boobs!  Ask me how I know…!!  Haha, well, I have learnt my lesson and I take breast pads with me everywhere.  I have tried so many brands and the Pigeon brand is the best.

7.  iPhone – Last, but not least!  It’s a multitasking wonder – camera, social media, emails, calendar, diary, watch, etc, etc.

Admittedly, it isn’t the most riveting contents inside a handbag, but carrying that plus a separate nappy bag plus a rather hefty baby is almost back-breaking so I have to travel light 🙂

What’s inside yours?

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  1. I always try to carry a bottle of water with me if I can. Otherwise, you’ll always find keys, my phone, my wallet and my Burts Bees lip balm in my bag!

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