Recently, I told you all that I wanted to achieve 3 things in August and one of my aims was to learn to wink like a minx.  Dear ladies, I am proud to say that I am on the brink of achieving this goal thanks to Katy Perry.

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No, no, no!  Even though I have a girl crush on her, this isn’t the type of wink I aspire to… Sorry Katy! 😛

Instead I am loving the Katy Perry Lashes created by Eylure!  These falsies are wonderful in assisting my desire to wink like a minx!  Thank you Eylure for sending me these delights!

There are currently 4 sets in the Katy Perry Lashes collection :-

Katy Perry false eyelashes, Katy Perry and Eylure

Cool Kitty :  Thick, voluminous lashes perfect for a night out paired with a sexy smokey eye.
Sweetie Pie :  Subtle everyday lashes suitable for the unfortunate girl blessed with short stubby lashes, i.e. ME!
Oh, Honey! :  Subtle with the extra curl, which would be ideal for a first date, perhaps?
Oh, My! :  Full-on glamour, almost drag queen-esque!

The lashes are great quality and the band flex beautifully to fit around my wonky Asian eyes.

Katy Perry false eyelashes Each set comes with a small vial of eyelash glue which held up the lashes pretty well.  (I trialled it for a solid 6 hours wearing the Oh My! lashes and it didn’t drop at all!)  Perfect size to pop in your handbag if you’re wearing falsies outside the house (unlike good old guinea pig me who sat around the house with them on!)

Some girls find it difficult to apply lashes and I used to be the same until I learned {the secret} and it’s almost a breeze for me now.  BUT…there’s always a but!  How on earth do girls recycle falsies???!!!  I have NEVER been able to get the gunky glue off the band EVER and I usually wear them once and chuck them out.  If anyone knows what to do, please kindly share!!!

Anyway, wanna see how the lashes looked on me?  My eye did some cam-whoring whilst I trialled Cool Kitty and Oh My!
(psst – in the photo on the top with my enlarged eye, you can see my brand spanking new Canon DSLR!!  You like? :P)

Katy Perry Eyelure lashes

You must agree that I “look” like I can wink like a minx right?  Now I just need to practise winking!!!

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What’s it called again?  Katy Perry Lashes – Created by Eylure
Where can I buy this?  Priceline and other drugstores
What’s the damage?  RRP : $14.99
Sell it to me in 5 words  Wink like a minx yo!

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  1. Lol! Love your post! And I still need to have the confidence to wear falsies out. And having them in equal lengths might help too I guess. Hehehehe

    • @Norlin, That’s why I wear them around the house first 🙂 One eye is testing one lash and the other is testing another – WONKY lashes LOL

  2. I love the slr! 🙂 amazing photo quality~ ^^ haha, i usually find that it might be certain glues that are a pain in the ass to remove and sometimes ruins the lashes.. there are great removal tutorials on YT (coz me explaining would take forever). I think Enkoremakeup had a really detailed video on how to restore and clean falsies!!

  3. They look awesome on you! I’ve been loving them too. To clean I usually place them on a piece of plastic or in a bowl pour in a little waterproof eye makeup remover and gently ‘wipe’ off the glue with a q-tip.then I rinse them, pat them dry with a tissue and place them back into the box. If I’ve gotten too much mascara on them as well sometimes I clean them with a disposable mascara wand and the makeup remover. Usually works quite well, (does depend on the quality of the lash how many times you can do it).

  4. can u share which lashes r u actually using in those 4 photo’s that u posted plsss 🙂
    i was thinking about getting the Oh my lashes, but i’m not sure how they wud look like on asian eyes like me 😀

  5. Falsies certainly give a girl an extra confidence boost for a special night out. The only downside is they can be tricky to apply correctly.. the only thing that helps that is practice, practice, practice!

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