Happy Wednesday!  Who needs words when the pictures say it all?  I was planning to do a FOTD post but I was photobombed picture after picture by the other half!!  These photos crack me up so I thought I’d share them!

In case you were thinking that he is posing rather camp-ish with the Hongky V fingers, he’s doing it to be funny because it is MY signature pose; not his!

When I first met him, I thought he looked like a gnome with his big round face with the rosy cheeks.  Whaddya think?

“Stop it!  Go away!” and he walked away…only to photobomb yet again!

Photobomber 1 : FOTD-er 0

Famous Last Words

Photobomber : *fist pump*  Yeah, yeah, yeah!

FOTD-er : *shakes fist* You may have won this time, but I swear on my lipsticks, that I will be back and I will take you down!!!

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  1. Haha, so funny! He’s lucky you have a sense of humor instead of telling him to leave your photos alone! 😛

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