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Let’s get intimate and talk about vaginas today.  If you don’t have one, you may want to skip this post or help a sister / girlfriend / auntie / female associate and send them here to get tips on how to have a happy and healthy vagina 🙂 #saynotobitchyvaginas

*Please note – this post contains a lot of vaginas.  Just the word, no pictures.  I am not a vagina specialist so seek professional advice if you have any health concerns down there.

Now we all know when our vagina is not happy.  It can get itchy, it can get bitchy, it can cause a stink, it can get distressed and depressed… the list goes on!  My vagina puts up a lot with me.  I gave birth to a big baby (8lb 7oz!) and received 3rd degree tears.  I’ve had plenty of vaginal scans, I see a pelvic physio regularly, I’m due to see a gynaecologist again, I’m on the waiting list for a urogyno, I’ve had plenty of UTI’s and don’t forget I shared about the time I had thrush (and used athlete’s foot cream by accident! >> read here), etc.  But I’ve learnt a few things along the way…

Here are my 7 personal tried & tested tips on how to keep your ladybits in a state of zen :-

1.  Mow the lawn

If you’re already hair-free by laser / taser / waxing, I salute you…but I gave up on waxing when I encountered the ingrown hair { OUCH!!! }

If you’re a let-my-pubes-go-wild-and-free-kinda-gal, I aint judgin’ ya, but mowing the jungle lawn will keep things tidier and more pleasant.  Just remember, more hair means more potential for bacterial growth.

I recommend Schick Quattro Trimstyle Razor – one end is a shaver and the other end is a battery-operated bikini line trimmer.  I just bought a new one last week and woohoo!  Buy it here.

2.  Ditch the dental floss g-strings

There’s nothing wrong with good old cotton Granny pants a la Bridget Jones.  It may not be sexy but at least it is way sexier than a urinary tract infection!!

I recommend cotton panties from Bonds – an Aussie brand that washes and wears very well.

3.  Avoid fungal foods

Contrary to its name, FUNgal infections are NOT fun!  I only need to eat a slice of bread & swig a beer and I’ll get the itchies.  Say bye bye to bread, beer, mushrooms…

I recommend consoling yourself with chocolate.  My current fave is Lindt Dark Chocolate with A Touch Of Sea Salt.

4.  Avoid vagina chafing activities

That’s my excuse for never participating in a Spin class.  { Of course, it’s not because I’m a lazy bitch or anything like that uh-huh }

If it’s your honeymoon and you’re gonna be at it like horny rabbits, I would suggest lots of KY Jelly and I wish you luck!  Buy it here.


** Time out with a Bunty baby meme.  Because LOL **

5.  Crank up on cranberry

Drink plenty of cranberry juice as it has been proven to reduce the incidence of UTI’s.  Jazz it up with alcohol and try Midori & Cranberry juice (my signature drink at university!).  I like Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.

6.  Gobble supplements

  • Probiotics – pop these when I indulge in bread / beer / mushrooms and start to feel an itch.  I recommend Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus Dairy Free.  Buy it here.
  • Chlorophyll – neutralises odours, you know what I’m sayin!  Extra bonus – gets rid off armpit stench aka BO too!  I recommend Swisse Liquid Chlorophyll.  Buy it here.
  • Maca – keeps hormones balanced which helps maintain vaginal secretions.  I recommend Loving Earth Maca capsules and also, Bioglan Superfoods Maca Powder which you can add to your morning smoothies if you’re into that sort of thing.  Extra bonus – boosts sex drive *wink wink*  Buy it here.

7.  DIY vagina mask

Buy cheap period pads (or use expensive stuff if you want) and slap on some organic natural (flavour free) probiotic yoghurt and wear your pad for an hour.  Remove then wash with warm water.  It cools, soothes, moisturises and keeps the good bacteria nice and happy down there.  I like Aldi Just Organic Natural Yogurt – but can’t find a link to it online…hmph!

If you have any more tips, please feel free to share them in the comments below.  I know it can be a bit awkward talking about intimate parts but I hope this post helps at least one (b)itchy vagina out there 🙂

Disclaimer :  All the products mentioned were purchased & personally tried & tested by me and this post is sponsored by my vagina.  Cheers!

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6 comments on “7 Tips On How To Have A Happy & Healthy Vagina”

  1. Ever since I got hit with “the worst flu ever” this Winter and had to go on antibiotics for the first time since I was little, my downstairs hated me for that. Thank goodness for treatments!
    I would also suggest cranberry tablets instead of juice for UTIs if you’re watching your sugar intake =)
    A very informative post! And your bubba is soooo cute!

  2. Hilarious! ! You had me in stitches and this post only confirms that you’re still my favourite beauty blogger after all these years!

  3. Love the post.
    I take Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus and Cranberry tablets daily. Have experienced UTIs and thrush on many occasions (soggy bathers, too much alcohol, too much nooky..antibiotics) so unpleasant.
    Have been taking both for over a year now, have noticed huge difference. Last time I was on antibiotics, I didn’t get thrush! Hurrah!!!

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