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I would definitely do more OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) posts if I had a better photographer.  My Husband has a great technique of taking the most UN-flattering photos of me.  Le sigh!!!!  Anyway, this is what I wore on the day of my Viva La Color makeover.  I wanted something “different” so I raided my wardrobe and dug out some unloved items of clothing and hoped for the best.  It kinda goes together.  I’ll let you see the photos and you can decide for yourself…

I’m an awkward model.  I cannot pose for peanuts!

It’s a weird combination.  On the one hand, we have a girly pink hearts and floaty chiffon dress…and then we come to lace tights and leather booties?  I just can’t make up my mind if I want to be a girly girl or a biker chick!  (Note : the tights are a bit long for my short stubby legs hence it’s scrunched up at the top of the boots)

outfit of the day fashion blog
The dress, the belt, the tights and the boots all cost under $15 AUD per item!!  I’m a bargain shopper!

One-shoulder hearts chiffon dress from Hong Kong – cost around $10.  Husband says it’s a bit short for his liking!  It’s from Hong Kong so it was dirt cheap.  Lasted a good few washes and still going strong.

Thin red animal print belt from Dorothy Perkins in UK – cost around $2.  Belts are great for cinching in waists.

Black lace tights are from Forever New (my favourite Aussie clothes shop) – cost $10.  I don’t generally like lace because it can be an itch bitch but this is okay.

Black leather wedged boots from Tony Bianco – cost $15.  It was on sale and that’s the only reason why I bought it.  And it makes me look taller…or does it cut of my legs??  It’s okay but the rubber wedged heel is an ugly colour.  I have the worst taste in shoes by the way!


Come on!  Give me a hug!!!


18 comments on “Outfit Of The Day : Hearts & Lace”

  1. The tights are cute! Personally, I wouldn’t ever wear anthing like that, but only cuz I’m a jeans and teeshirt type of girl (aka “frumpy mum”).. I kinda wish I was bold and daring like you but meh, I’m lazy. Lol!

    • @Rin, I bet you are NOT a frumpy mummy!! Bet you look hot 🙂 BTW, I don’t dress like this every day!!! Usually wearing my “comfy” clothes lol

  2. This is an Awesome post for styling when you have no time for yourself,thanx for sharing this.

  3. You look nice and plus you have a nice skinny figure. I wish I had that hot body like yours so I can sport whatever I want too. Unfortunately I’m on a chubbier side, so I must work out more intensely to get a nice body shape. Thanks for sharing your outfit of the day.

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