In my opinion, blog business cards are a must when attending bloggers’ conferences for networking purposes.  A few months ago, I got my first batch of blog business cards made for a bloggers conference and when it got delivered, I ripped open the box and was brutally disappointed.  I hated the colours, the design, the fonts…everything!!!  When I handed them to some bloggers at the conference, I did it reluctantly because I was embarrassed to be the owner of such yukky business cards.  I toyed with the idea of getting new business cards but being financially unstable, it was hard to justify this…until the week before ABBW – Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend – which is this weekend!  There are over 80 beauty bloggers with PR’s and important people to network with – I couldn’t bear the thought of handing out fugly business cards so I begged (and blackmailed!) the Husband to help me design a new batch of business cards.  We were also cutting it close as the cards may not have arrived in time for this weekend – but it arrived within a week of ordering it!!  Yay!!!  Check out the new design…

blog business card

Aren’t they beautiful?  I love it!!!!

So…I have over 300 useless business cards…what do you suggest I do with them??

Anyway, now that I’ve had some experience with business cards, allow me to share my experience with you and advise what you should consider when you design your own blog business cards.

Tips For Making Your Own Blog Business Cards

1.  You must include your name, website and email address.  If you are on any other social network platforms which you think are relevant to your blog, then put it in too, e.g. Facebook page, Twitter.  I made the stupid mistake of including my Youtube account in my first batch of business cards.  What’s the point when I have a few measly videos in there which are not relevant to my beauty blog at all.  {watch me make a fool of myself by singing Alicia Keys!}

2.  Some people are happy to include their mobile number and home address on their business cards.  That isn’t me.  99% of the time, my phone is on silent mode so I never answer phone calls anyway.  As for home address, I may be moving in a few months so I know it’s not a permanent address and no way am I forking out more money on another new set of business cards.

3.  All the blogging gurus say branding is important to take your blog to the next level.  Maybe it’s time to think about your logo design in your header.

4.  To be consistent in branding, do consider a suitable email address, Twitter handle, Facebook name to go with your blog.  For my first business card, my email was[at], Twitter @xyling, Youtube : Lingtungcom and Facebook : The Best Beauty Blog.  How confusing right??  Since then, I have changed my email to thebestbeautyblog[at] to go along with my blog.

5.  Bear in mind the fonts used for your design.  In my first batch of business cards, I used the same font as my previous header which was similar to a zebra print font – but although it looked good in the header, it looked patchy in the business card as this was on a smaller scale.  Don’t forget the sizing too.  The tagline on first business card needed a magnifying glass just to read it!  I couldn’t come up with a suitable tagline for my second batch of cards so I just left it out.

6.  I added a QR code which points to the URL of my blog.  It’s a bit techie but it’s pretty cool at the same time!  Just remember to print it out first and check to see if it works.

7.  I wanted my business card to stand out so instead of the usual landscape business card, I went portrait.  There are pros and cons to this but I felt it was the right thing to do.

8.  Choosing the right company to print your cards can be headache-inducing.  I really liked the designs and finish from an overseas company but I needed the cards pronto so I chose a local company.

9.  Don’t be cheap!  Okay, so it will be a 75% discount if you have the printing company’s logo on the back of your card, but that’s just ugly and free advertising for them!  Don’t do it!!!

…And it always helps if you have a Husband who knows a thing or two about graphics design!  😛

Useful Links

Express Cards – This is the Australian company who made my business cards.  Can’t fault them for their great quality, great prices and quick delivery times.

Blog Business Cards : What You Need To Know – Bree from The Blog Stylist has a highly detailed post on blog business cards and I nicked a few ideas from her.

How To Create A QR Code Business Card With Ease – Find out why it’s “cool” to put a QR code on your card and how to do it.

If you have any questions about business cards, don’t hesitate to ask me.  I will try my best to answer your questions. 

34 comments on “The Best Beauty Blog Business Cards”

  1. Love your new design, I’m loving the QR code! I know it as the mobile barcode thingy hahah how high tech! I added my address only bcos it was a PO Box. No number because I dislike private calls and id rather emails 😀 Lovely post! x

    • @しずか ♥ (heartofpearl), LOL, honestly, never seen a QR code on barcode scanner thingy anywhere else before and even if I did, I don’t think I’d be scanning the code so I really don’t know why i included it hahahaha. Oh yeah…PO Box would be good if they were free…but then again, I’m too lazy to visit my post office to pick stuff up lol. Can’t wait to see yours now 😀

  2. got a QR code! 😀 Love the new design babe, and I’m guessing you’ll be blowing through them at ABBW! Mine are abysmal at the moment, also due for a revamp – thanks for the tips!

    • @beetrice, Yep, I QR coded my card…even though I’ve never seen it on a business card so some people may not even know what the squiggly box is all about LOLOLOL! And I can’t wait to dish them out at ABBW. I am sure yours aren’t abysmal…okay…they can’t be as bad as my first batch of cards! I wanna puke everytime I see the them 😛 What was I thinking? It’s like looking at a pic of my ex-boyfriends! 😛

  3. Ling,

    You’re so cute and funny. I watched the video! lol… Yes, it’s always cool to have fun and let loose. I love all your little funny texts all over the video.

    Your new biz card looks GREAT! I didn’t think the 1st one was fugly ugly but of coz the new ones are way better!

    Thank you for all the tips. I might just need biz cards next time if I’m thinking of taking my blog to a higher level. Right now it’s still a humble little personal space.

    • @Jolene, Awww, thanks Jolene. My video is so cringe-worthy! But then again, I am daft like that in real life!! LOLOL!

      As for my biz cards, glad you like them too. I never thought about blog biz cards before especially for my personal blog…but then, since I started this beauty blog and being a beauty blogger, it’s like, so cool getting to meet beauty brands and PR’s – so obviously, I’m trying to follow in the footsteps of beauty blogging gurus and have biz cards too 😛

      Thanks for your lovely comment 😀

  4. the old cards aint that bad. perhaps give them to ppl you are not over-keen on and dont expect to hear from them….

  5. These look so great Ling! I hurriedly designed some myself and organised for them to be made up but I have no idea if I’ll get them in time, I’m pretty sure they will be fugly though but my graphic designer can’t work on my proper ones until October 🙁 so I just ordered 100 simple ones for ABBW 🙂 I have a feeling I will be embarrassed to hand mine out on Saturday but I guess it’s better than having nothing to hand out!

    • I’m sure it’ll look good! And if at the off chance it doesn’t, then it’s only 100 cards! 😉 I have 300+ fugly cards…wonder what I can do to them without dumping them in the bin…

  6. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely consider them next year, this year I’ll be going to ABBW business cardless…. hehe
    I love your cards! The QR code is so high tech, I like!!!

  7. Lol. You are too cute. The 1st one is NOT fugly at all. Both are nice, although the new one probably suits your personality more. Sorry to sound like a completely ignorant idiot, but why would one need a business card?

    • You’re not an ignorant idiot! There are going to be 85 beauty bloggers this weekend and it’s really hard to know everyone so biz cards are the bees knees 🙂 also we will get to meet beauty brand managers and PR’s so it’s good to give them my details 😉

  8. The new batches look so much better! And I’m on the same boat as you too. I don’t believe phone numbers are as relevant anymore. Any email, twitter account and URL will do!

  9. Great post!thanks for the useful tips.Your new business cards are really nice and the QR code is a cool idea!

  10. Okay! First, I’m so impressed that you have business cards! Second, I didn’t think the first ones looked so bad *runs and hides in a corner* but I do love the new ones! Third, WOW at having a QR code on your new cards! (Maybe you can keep the old ones a back ups in case you run out before reordering – but if the info is not up to date, then maybe toss them?! It’s hard for me to get rid of things!)

    xo, sam

    P.S. Have fun at the blogger convention!

    • Awww thank you 🙂 and yeah, I’m the same. Can not chuck out anything!!! will find something to do with them… I hope!!!

  11. absolutely gorgeous! i think you should still use your old ones as a back-up 🙂 and depending on the event as well. maybe a less glitzy event or meet-up will warrant the red card. awesome-r events, use the awesome-r cards.

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